Your goals are our goals

Genuine success is achieved through a partneship built on respect,
shared efforts, agreed goals and clearly measurable milestones.
With this in mind, we at ‘YES’ work closely with our learners,
guiding and supporting them until they achieve internationally recognised success.

What our students say about us


“It is never easy to estimate your own skills in a foreign language -I think other people do this much better -but for me, I am sure that I improved my core skills as I now find it much easier to converse with my American colleagues“


“The school with highly qualified teachers with years of experience who will easily find a personal approach for students of any age and level of English.“


“It is very encouraging when you can improve your English via numerous platforms, not only grammatical and lexical, but also cultural and cross-cultural. In Every lesson, exploring and learning something new is alway motivating.“


“I enjoy the experiences at speaking club and my English is improving day by day. Interesting movies, articles and games are used to help us develop our speaking skills. I definitely advice you to learn English with 'YES'!“


“I like this Speaking Club because there are lots of interesting tasks and word games which train our communication skills, improve our vocabulary and strengthen our use of grammar."


“Ok guys, listen to me....l should tell you some very important information! If you want to know English really well or pass exams such as IELTS, then I should tell you that Dasha and Scott are the best teachers in the world. I now live abroad and use English everyday all because of 'YES'!“


“Thanks a lot to Scott and Dasha for unforgettable lessons. Thanks for the motivation to learn the language and your effective ways of teaching.“